Meet Our Steering Group

Dr Davina Lloyd


Chair Steering Group Committee Dr Davina Lloyd has been campaigning for equal rights for women for the past 48 years. She trained as a Science teacher and has a Masters Degree in Education and a PhD in Plant Sciences. She held many senior management roles in schools culminating in being a Headteacher for 12 Years. She was awarded an honorary doctorate for services to Education by UEL in 2002 and became a Freeman of the city of London the same year. Dr Lloyd has been involved with the Backto60 campaign since Oct 2017. In Feb 2018 she went to the CEDAW committee meeting at the UN in Geneva to put the case for the 1950s women who had been deprived of their pensions and as Backto60’s UN envoy she has worked with other women’s groups at CEDAW meetings. In 2018 she met the UN Special Rapporteur on Austerity, Prof Philip Alston, and worked with him to highlight the discrimination faced by women. She continues to work with other Human Rights including Justfair, Amnesty and International Liberty Association.


Michaela Hawkins Treasurer

Women’s Officer Caerphilly Branch Unison.

A lifelong feminist Women’s Officer Caerphilly branch Unison Work with Adults with learning disabilities 50s woman Proud and honoured to be part of BackTo60 team Campaigner to get CEDAW finally transposed into domestic law.


Louise Matthews


Women's Officer #UNITE Southampton District Branch, actively supporting, publicising, promoting #CEDAW People’s Tribunal among women members and more widely in #UNITE as a whole. My activities on #CEDAW have resulted in the Branch hosting a #CEDAW ‘drop-in' event for women members in particular, but promoted across the Branch to ALL members to support March 2020 #International Women's Day. Active supporter of #Backto60 Campaign for ALL #50sWomen Full Restitution of State Pension. Worked in Local Government for 30 years, currently in a City Library.


Ann Fenner


Having spent a career in Health and Social Care. 1974 onwards. My background is Nursing, Residential Care then qualified as a Social Worker in 1992. In 2003 I joined Perth College (University of the Highlands & Islands) and I became a Lecturer in Health and Social Care Now retired I am proud to be part of Backto60 campaign group to right 50s woman pension injustice and fully support Cedaw Peoples Tribunal to ensure that CEDAW is transposed into Domestic Law.


Sheila Jones

Social Media Lead

Retired nurse background in intensive care, paediatric and adults and clinical research. Mum mum in law & nanni, care about fairness and kindness: against animal cruelty and love our planet.

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Founder Joanne Welch

"The CEDAW People's Tribunal will echo in

eternity on the right side of history"

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