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1st Anniversary CEDAW People's Tribunal 1st August 2021
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Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt, AO


It is our pleasure on this historic day to join with all volunteers supporting CEDAW People's Tribunal - so generously, for the greater good - to celebrate the 1st Year Anniversary of the inauguration of the CEDAW People's Tribunal.


The magnificence of the CEDAW People's Tribunal emanates from the integrity of the powerful testimony of our witnesses, gathered by qualified Legal Assistants, trained by John Cooper QC 'The Star of The Criminal Bar' without whom, we would not now be in this glorious position.


The CPT salutes the work of the team of Legal Assistants whose expertise and ability to swiftly execute all instructions - within tight time scales and short lead-in times - impressed well beyond expectations.


Garden Court Chambers excelled in the examination of the gathered evidence, preparation of documentation and represented themselves and the CPT with professional distinction.


Commendations go to CPT's phenomenal Counsel team of 6 Women QCs and Barristers out of Garden Court Chambers - who had joined us just 1 month ahead of the June 21st-23rd Tribunal Hearing livestream, broadcast from the Ethical Society, Conway Hall, London


Sonali Naik QC

Amanda Weston QC

Nicola Braganza Barrister

Louise Hooper Barrister

Grace Brown Barrister

Maria Moodie Barrister


CPT salutes and thanks Smita Bajaria for the professional manner in which she acts as Solicitor between CPT's Joint Clients and the Legal Team at Garden Court Chambers, expertly assisted by Emma Nash, Development Manager.


'The Outsider Who Transformed Our Justice System', the inimitable Mr Nazir Afzal OBE QC, CPT Legal Consultant and former Chief Prosecutor, will be interviewed on BBC Radio4 (at 11am on Sunday, 1st August) to share his selection of Desert Island Discs and the reasons for his choices.

Unmissable:  See link below


BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Nazir Afzal, lawyer


Here's to Award Winning Film Director, Jasper Warry, who will have completed the final interviews for CPT's 'CEDAWinLAW' Film this coming week, in readiness for its distribution. Coming soon!


Here's to Radio Presenter, Ian Rothwell, Salford City Radio who will broadcast all the latest CPT news (at 6pm on 24th August) which will include details of CPT President's visit to 10 Downing Street that day.


Here's to Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Lobby Correspondent, David Hencke. David's 'Westminster Confidential' blog Westminster Confidential | David Hencke's news, views, investigations and much more Here  

is where you will find the CPT's amazing story.


Without the World recognised expertise of Prof Andrew Byrnes, Chair, CPT Advocacy Group and his colleagues, Lord Sikka, ASG Jane Connors and Dr Meghan Campbell the CPT would not be where it is today.


Advocacy Team | Cedawpt


The lifetime's work of the CPT's President the Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt, AO, and Author of 'The President's Report' to be published this month, is deserving of Full Honours.


The CEDAW People's Tribunal takes this opportunity on this auspicious day to highly commend Jocelynne for her work in the name of the protection of the Rights of all Women and girls around the World.


For and on behalf of

Steering Committee

CEDAW People's Tribunal


Take Part in Something Great


Putting Our Collective Experience to Work


The CEDAW People's Tribunal (CPT) is a grassroots organisation which will deliver an inquisitorial tribunal hearing to examine the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women - known as CEDAW.


This year, the tribunal will examine the failure to integrate CEDAW into domestic legislation; decide whether those delays are legitimate or not; and make necessary recommendations as to how the Convention can be given full effect in the UK, advancing women in all aspects of society and recognising historic inequalities.

It will facilitate the correlation of evidence into a Report which -  importantly - is in the ownership of civil society.

A people's tribunal is extremely powerful because it enables civil society and, in particular, those who may not have an arena in any other form, to ensure that their voices are heard.

The tribunal works outside of government processes, but in conjunction with any other hearing, tribunal or process that may be taking place, to get to justice and truth.

The CPT is made up of an Independent Panel of Judges, Legal Consultant, Queen's Counsels, Barristers, Advocacy Group, Steering Committee and Legal Assistants:  all can be viewed here CEDAWpt.com

Nazir Afzal OBE QC, former Chief Prosecutor, has been instructed as Legal Consultant to the People’s Tribunal on an ad hoc, pro bono basis


The CPT is delighted to welcome on board from Garden Court Chambers barristers Sonali Naik QC, Amanda Weston QC, Nicola Braganza, Grace Brown, Louise Hooper and Maria Moodie: all represent the CPT on a pro bono basis.

The CPT is delighted to announce that Smita Bajaria, Solicitor, will receive instructions from CPT, the Client, and, in turn, instruct Garden Court Chambers on behalf of it.

The eminent John Cooper QC's treasured pro bono work with the CPT, to date, was completed, last month. John remains an enthusiastic supporter and wishes CPT success and those sentiments are wholeheartedly reciprocated.

Every woman and girl born in the UK should be able to realise, as of right, her true potential.

There is no reason why CEDAW cannot be transposed into domestic law and the delay in doing so is nothing short of unconscionable.


• A published Report out of the tribunal hearing signed-off by the Independent Panel of Judges


• Instructions for a Women's Bill of Rights


• A film of the journey

• Roadshow e-Drop-Ins


The CEDAW Peoples Tribunal will leave a lasting legacy by providing a body of evidence for individuals, women's campaign groups and politicians to hold governments to account.

This will lead to changes in laws and the creation of new laws to bring about a Women’s Bill of Rights and substantive, transformative equality for all women and girls. -  Founder and Campaign Director Joanne Welch




Sonali Naik QC

Amanda Weston QC

Nicola Braganza

Grace Brown

Louise Hooper

Maria Moodie all of Garden Court Chambers have been appointed as Legal Counsel to CEDAW People's Tribunal.


Andrew Byrnes

Andrew is a strong supporter of the CEDAW People's Tribunal. 

His extensive archive of academic materials is being shared with us. CPT Planning Meetings will determine Andrew's developing role to also accommodate time zones and travel restrictions."


A new book documents peoples’ tribunals as avenue for justice



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